Monday, January 10, 2011

Is The Internet Good or Bad ?

Has there ever been anything that has impacted society the way the internet has? Maybe fire, electricity, the automobile, the airplane or perhaps the printing press would be the closest comparison. The printing press made knowledge available to the common person. Over time it gave many great minds a chance to express themselves and share their knowledge and opinions with the rest of society. Books also motivated people to want to learn to read and write. To be able to share in knowledge and understanding.
With knowledge and understanding came motivation and the desire to aspire for a better life. Courage to fight for freedom and rights. Desire to change your circumstances and the combined will to fight oppression. The internet today shines a light on oppression and those in power are unable to hide behind lies and deception as they did in the past. The whole world is aware of what's taking place via the internet.
With change comes pros and cons, benefits and detriments, good and bad. All aspects are debated. Those for and Those against. Through it all society evolves towards higher knowledge and better understanding.
Is the internet good or bad? I believe it is good. A true benefit to society. Providing an amazing benefit to society over all. It has it's negative aspects such as the explosion of porn, misuse of information and the distortion of truth. For me the good out weighs the bad. Knowledge does and will set us free. The evolution of mankind does and will depend on increased knowledge.
My advice. Embrace the internet or be left behind. Control it's intrusion into your life. Do not let it control you. Utilize it in your business because your competition is going to. Make it work for you. Do not let it work against you.
Larry Matthews

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